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Feb 13, 2015     |     GO BACK     |     Share
Chennai, Feb:13- Some treatments for cancer, including surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, have the potential to decrease fertility in a variety of ways. Permanent infertility is sometimes a long-term side effect of cancer treatment. Hence, Mrs. Latha, a cancer survivor, aged 42, was apprehensive about wanting to be a mother. With her medical history, she and her husband (Mr. Sivakumar; they are married since 20 years) were contemplating such an important step. Mrs. Latha was diagnosed with carcinoma of breast and had undergone bilateral mastectomy along with chemo-radiation 5 years ago. At this juncture, the couple had approached Dr. Chandralekha, the chief of Iswarya hospital and Fertility Centre. The team of doctors headed by Dr. Chandralekha took this as a challenge and went ahead with investigations. Considering her Cancer-Survivor status, Dr. Chandralekha had discussed the patients stance with a senior oncologist in the city and was sure about putting a smile on the faces of the couple. Mrs Latha was subjected to a whole body PET scan for any evidence of metastasis and was found to be normal, and along with her Mr. Siva also underwent testing. In April 2014 Dr. Chandralekha developed an embryo with a donor egg, and sperms from Mr Siva, which were duly implanted in her. She successfully conceived a single baby, which was confirmed after 4 weeks by ultrasound. The doctors had given her high-risk pregnancy care during her antenatal period to avoid complications. The growth of the baby and the wellbeing of the mother were closely monitored throughout by a team of dedicated doctors. In January 2015 Mrs. Latha delivered a healthy male baby weighing 2.5kg. This delivery does not just serve as a testament to the expertise of the doctors of Iswarya Fertility Center, but also marks history in the field of fertility care in our country. Dr Chandralekha, Director, Iswarya Women's Hospital & Fertility Centre said," This is indeed a proud moment for us and we are elated that this significant medical breakthrough can go a long way in helping cancer surviving women to conceive and deliver healthy babies through IVF. We congratulate the entire medical team of Iswarya Hospital and also wish the couple and the new born a very healthy future". Dr. Chandralekha regards this achievement as a major scientific breakthrough in the field of Reproductive Medicine and believes this to be the first such reported case in our country. There are several options for having children that both men and women can consider if they are faced with fertility issues following cancer treatment, and success rate of IVF among such couples is less. The case can prove to be a ray of hope among millions of such cancer survivors.